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Sourcing the main ingredients for our breakfast from the Hof Marienhöhe Bad Saarow - nook has made a very distinctive and remarkable culinary choice. This alliance transcends the ordinary, as we source bread, cheese and meat from this local gem, where gastronomy embodies both taste and values.

The partnership reflects our commitment to animal welfare and sustainability. The cheese, steeped in tradition, celebrates the region's terroir. 

Handcrafted bread, a testament to time-honored baking, completes this trio. 

Yet, it's not just about ingredients; it's about shared values. Sustainability, community support, and local ecosystem preservation underscore this culinary partnership. In an ever-changing gastronomic landscape, nook's choice speaks volumes about tradition, sustainability, and the bountiful beauty of Bad Saarow.

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Places to eat

Discover the culinary delights of Bad Saarow's charming eateries creating an unforgettable dining experience.