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nook’s active program is driven by the environment, inspiring connections and activating mind and body.

Bad Saarow Bike Rental nook
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Saddle up and prepare to embark on an enchanting road bike journey around the captivating Scharmützelsee and the charming town of Bad Saarow.

The Scharmützelsee allows an exploration of both self and surroundings, where each mile pedaled is an opportunity to savor the simple joys of life. Scharmützelsee and Bad Saarow invite you to don your finest cycling attire and immerse yourself in an idyllic road biking experience.

It's a ride worthy of applause, where every moment is a story waiting to be told.

Berlin to Bad Saarow to Berlin

120km - 470m up & 470m down 4 hours
Komoot Tour: Berlin - Bad Saarow - Berlin
bike ride berlin bad saarow

nook bike rental

Saddle up for ride worthy of applause.
bike rental from €15 per day
Bad Saarow Bike Rental nook

Bad Saarow running club

Step into the beauty of our weekly community run along the stunning shores of the Scharmützelsee—everyone is welcome to join in the joy of running together! Don't miss out on the fun; sign up for our WhatsApp group and let's stride towards fitness and friendship in this breathtaking setting.
Sign up to our WhatsApp Group
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Boat rental

Embark on an enchanting journey across the crystal-clear waters of Scharmützelsee, where tranquility meets elegance.
Board our sleek vessel
nook boat rental