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Innersun x nook

CREATOR MASTERMIND - Series of 6 masterminds to become a magnetic person

We prioritize transformative growth and sustainable impact,  redefining seminars and workshops for today's needs. Through creative modules and mindful interaction in a natural setting, we inspire success and self-discovery, guided by a spirited ethos.

We invite you to our 6 value-packed Maserminds that make you the most interesting person in any room. Escape with a same-minded community. Share your Passion and improve yourself.



Life Hacks - Executive Tools - Running - Icebath - Breathwork - Sauna - Nature - Nutrition - Community - Connection - Growth.


Align your goals with your values - Learn how to align your goals with your personal values and redefine success on your own terms. Explore the concept of fulfillment and gain insights into achieving it in your life. Join us to reshape your understanding of success for a more fulfilling journey.


3 days / 2 nights


Defining Success:

  • Exploring dimensions beyond traditional metrics.

Aligning Goals:

  • Identifying values and setting meaningful goals.

Cultivating Growth Mindset:

  • Overcoming barriers and embracing learning.

Finding Fulfillment:

  • Shifting focus to the journey and practicing gratitude.

Success Plan:

  • Setting SMART goals and actionable steps.s

1 Person in a Double Room

3 Days / 2 Night stay at nook - 1 Person Double Room - Full Board including Breakfast from the Farm - Sauna & Wellness Package - Full workshop program
1 Person in Double Room € 700
nook bad saarow the king room

2 Friends in Double Room

3 Days / 2 Night stay at nook - Take your friend, safe money and stay together in a Double Room - - Full Board including Breakfast from the Farm - Sauna & Wellness Package - Full workshop programme
€ 450 per person
double room

Workshop 2 Day Ticket

This ticket included is the full workshop program, full board but no bed at nook.
Day Ticket € 500
ext ticket

Embark on a profound season of creative entrepeneurial & health perfomance modules as we bond deeply as a community of like minded individuals. Providing  leading-edge insight for charisma and growth that encourage participants to join every single Mastermind. 


innersun x nook

Innersun x nook is committed to growth and positive change, creating lasting impact for our clients and partners. By embracing new ways of hospitality and seminars, we set a meaningful standard for learning and hospitality experiences that meet future needs.


With profound season of creative entrepreneurial & health performance modules, In a soothing natural environment away from the city, we cultivate mindful interaction with ourselves, our environment, and each other- for a brighter present and for future generations to come.

Impressions from our last Innersun x nook Workhop


Review by Anna

"At Innersun x nook, I experienced a transformative fusion of wellness, creativity, and entrepeneurship. Through engaging mastermind sessions and deep community bonding, I embarked on a profound journey to unlock my unique brilliance."
anna review

Review from Alex

"During my time at Innersun x nook, I was thoroughly impressed by the rooms, where I stayed. It felt like home but better. The attention to detail and comfort provided a perfect sanctuary for relaxation and reflection amidst the event's vibrant atmosphere. I found myself rejuvenated and ready to fully immerse myself in the transformative experience each day."
alex review