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daniel caja x nook an art collaboration

Daniel Caja x nook

daniel caja working in bad saarow nook workation
shot by daniel caja for nook society bad saarow

Daniel Caja artist in residence @ nook bad saarow

nook has joined forces with the photographic virtuoso, Daniel Caja to create an artistic collaboration that promises to elevate Bad Saarow's natural allure and rich heritage through the lens of this visionary artist who's home base is Playa del Carment and Tulum in Mexico.

This unique union harmoniously bridges the worlds of travel, art, and hospitality, ensuring an immersive experience like no other. Caja's evocative work graces the hotel's walls, inviting guests to become enthralled by the captivating worlds he meticulously crafts through his lens.

In a world bustling with life's fast-paced commotion, artist Daniel Caja has found an oasis of inspiration in the quaint confines of the nook boutique hotel in Bad Saarow. The acclaimed photographer embarked on an artist-in-residence program at this hidden gem, bringing a unique blend of artistry and hospitality to the forefront. The outcome? An intriguing marriage of luxury and visual storytelling that enchantes guests and art enthusiasts alike.

Caja's photography is characterized by a profound exploration of candid moments, unearthing the hidden narratives that permeate the everyday. At nook, he has masterfully woven the threads of his craft with the charming ambiance of this boutique hotel, resulting in a one-of-a-kind visual experience. Caja shares his thoughts on this captivating intersection of art and hospitality, emphasizing the importance of "capturing the magic in the mundane." The vibrant, ephemeral details of the hotel's interiors and the heartwarming interactions between guests now form the crux of his captivating photographic tales.

The artist-in-residency program at nook has not only allowed guests to partake in the creative process but has also added an extra layer of depth to their stay. Caja's work has adorned the hotel's walls, creating an immersive atmosphere where luxury and art converge in perfect harmony. His unique perspective, as described in his interview, invites viewers to find beauty in the ordinary, encouraging us all to pause, reflect, and appreciate the moments that often slip by unnoticed. As Daniel Caja's residency continues to flourish, nook stands as a living testament to the marriage of art and hospitality, enriching the lives of those who step through its doors.



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daniel caja ducks lake scharm├╝tzelsee nook bad saarow hotel
daniel caja artist in residence nook bad saarow lake shot