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Oljanna Haus

Oljanna Haus draws inspiration from everyday life and transforms it into colorful, abstract, and surreal images.

oljanna haus @ nook
oljanna haus working at nook

Her works primarily come to life using oil, acrylic, or mixed media on canvas and paper.

Though her passion for painting began at a young age, it wasn't until the first lockdown period that she fully developed her craft. Following her training as a carpenter, Oljanna made her debut in 2021 with the graphic novel "Sonne und Beton" by comedian Felix Lobrecht.

"I paint what I see," she says, and indeed, her art reflects objects from her daily life, her studio, as well as influences from the hip-hop and fashion worlds.

Whether portraying abstract figures like in "Game Love" or hyper-realistic motifs such as rapper Drake's album cover "her loss," one common thread runs through all her pieces: vibrant colors inspired by the artist's life.

Oljanna Haus artist painter nook
oljanna haus working at nook