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benjamin caja from acapulco design

Iconic design from Mexico interpreted internationally, cafted with the utmost quality – nothing more is required.

ring dining chair blanco

The mysterious origins of the Acapulco chair, thought to be designed by an anonymous French tourist in the 1950s, have captivated people worldwide. Benjamin Caja, the founder of Acapulco Design, brought this classic to Germany in 2014 and has since collaborated with designers to create a diverse Acapulco collection, also featuring dining chairs and side tables. 


The "Ring Table" stands as the latest addition, beautifully crafted with a central metal ring and butterfly-shaped supports, achieving a delicate and relaxed charm while paying homage to the chair's intricate lines. Industrial designer Olivia Herms emphasizes that the table, inspired by the chair, is not a mere copy but a unique creation. This elegant "Ring Table" epitomizes the enduring appeal of Mexican design and craftsmanship.


The "Ring Table" and the classic "Acapulco Chairs" have found their central place as signature design pieces in the heart of Nook Restaurant, where they seamlessly blend modern Mexican aesthetics with a cozy, inviting atmosphere, creating a unique dining experience.

Their presence underscores nook's commitment to celebrating rich global cultural heritages in Bad Saarow.


ring dining table by acapulco design
acapulco design dining chair and ring table