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laura castien und anna von hellberg

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Nook Breakfast Bad Saarow

Motel a Miio

Motel a Miio, a ceramic brand with a deep commitment to art, family, and sustainability, was born from the creative minds of Anna von Hellberg and Laura Castien. Both mothers, artists, and travelers, they embarked on their journey together after years spent abroad. 

Motel a Miio's unique ceramics, handpicked and painted with love, pay homage to Portugal, where the products are handcrafted. By producing their goods in an environmentally friendly and fair manner in Portugal, they've not only created unique pieces but also supported the local economy, embodying their dedication to certain principles and their shared passion for the finer things in life.


breakfast with motel a miio at nook restaurant bad saarow
mote a miio muesli bowl